Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The role of positive automatic cognition in depression and happiness

Let's have a quick review on the topic of satisfaction versus lack of it.  Nowadays knowing about individual happiness and depression are more important than ever before.  Most of the individual diseases are at least in some ways related to these two factors.  Happier people are statistically healthier and more successful in their life than less happy individuals.  One of the most important factors that can have an affect on individual happiness and depression is an individual's overall attitude.  A person with a positive attitude is more psychologically healthy and also displays an absence of depression.  Although positive attitude makes a person healthier and happier, negative attitude enhances a person’s stress.  Therefore, a person with a negative attitude more often than not suffers from depression due to the presence of stress in his or her life.

So on this subject matter, the following hypotheses can be proposed.  First, positive attitude predicts future happiness.  Second, positive attitude predicts future depression.  A person with positive attitude is always thinking positively even in a negative situation.  So we can say that such a person is optimistic.  He or she makes everything in their life seem happier.  A person with a negative attitude tends to be sad more often, so he or she does not enjoy life generally speaking, even in situations that they really like.  These people are pessimistic and they are suffering from depression. 

In conclusion we can confirm that positive attitude predicts future happiness.  Positive attitude has an impact not only on immediate well-being (happiness), but also on overall well-being (happiness).  Also negative attitude predicts future depression.

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