Sunday, November 11, 2018

Emotional Intelligence, Life Satisfaction, Happiness.

Positive emotion has been one of the interesting factors for determining happiness over the past decade.  There is a relationship between positive attitude and well-being (happiness).  Although there is a relationship between positive attitude and happiness, emotional intelligence is another important factor that can have an affect on happiness.  Emotional intelligence is an ability to express emotion, to process emotional information, an ability to regulate emotions to promote (well-being).  Emotional intelligence is not just a protective factor against negative emotional states but it is also directly related to positive emotions and well-being (happiness).  Also we can say that emotional intelligence has been related to several important life outcomes such as positive mental health and subjective well-being.

In this area we want to analyze the influence of emotional intelligence on life satisfaction and happiness.  There is a hypothesis which states that emotional processing of information influences subjective well-being.  People with high emotional abilities have higher level of life satisfaction.  People with stress have a lower level of emotional intelligence.  Therefore, they are less happy in their life.

In conclusion we can say that a person with a higher level of emotional intelligence is less stressful which results in a higher satisfaction with life and happiness.

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