Sunday, October 28, 2018

Perceived happiness level influences evocation of positive emotions

Happiness is an individual’s status of feeling good. Happiness can have explained by the individual’s satisfaction, joy, pleasure or love.  A person with higher levels of happiness has higher levels of health and well-being.  One of the most important factors that can have an affect on happiness is positive emotion.  However, we can strongly say that an individual with a higher level of positive emotions has a higher level of happiness in comparison to those with negative emotion.  Moreover, stress and anxiety can lead to depression which can have a negative affect on happiness.  Therefore, stress and anxiety cause not only depression but also lower levels of happiness and several other diseases as well.

Happiness is associated with health and well-being.  Individuals with high level of happiness have lower levels of stress in compared with those having low levels of happiness.  However, happiness is negatively correlated with stress (depression and anxiety).  So the following hypotheses is proposed.  an individual with high levels of happiness has a stronger positive emotion than individuals with low levels of happiness.  There is a positive relationship between happiness and positive emotion.  Therefore, we can say that there is a negative relationship between happiness and stress which can be caused by negative emotions.

In conclusion we can strongly support that high levels of happiness can increase positive emotions.  Moreover, there is a positive correlation between happiness and positive emotions.  Happiness is associated with positive emotions.  Thus individuals with high levels of happiness have higher levels of well-being.  

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