Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Effect of positive attitude on happiness and wage

In these days’ happiness can have an important role in economy.  And also can have a positive effect on most of the other economic variables.  There are lots of psychological individual capital such as positive attitude, self esteem, motivation, emotional stability and etc, that can have a positive effect on each person’s happiness.

There are two hypotheses in this area: first, psychological capital variables affect the worker’s earning positively.  Second there is a positive relationship between happiness and income.  These two hypotheses are related to each other because some of psychological capital variables such as positive attitude, self esteem and etc can have an effect on worker’s happiness positively.

One of the notable variables that can have positive effect on happiness is positive attitude.  Positive attitude is generally defined as personal characteristic that helps to avoid negative things and also a person with a positive attitude always thinking positively.  Such a these person have a bright sight in his or her life so we can strongly support this idea that this person is optimistic not only about positive things but also about negative situations.  Also they are happier.  A happier worker is more productive in their life even in their work places because they expect that every thing goes well so they can earn more when they are more productive.

In conclusion we can say that positive attitude affects the worker’s earning not only directly but also indirectly through its direct effect on happiness.  In other words, we can say that happier workers are more productive.  Therefor they can have a higher income.  Also a person with positive attitude can be happier.  

Review of "Effects of positive attitude on happiness and wage: Evidence from the US data," by Dr. Madhu S. Mohanty. Journal of Economic Psychology 30 (2009) 884–897.

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