Saturday, October 6, 2018

Effect of Job Satisfaction On Wages

The most important variable that can have an affect on men and woman differently in their workplaces is job satisfaction. When a worker’s job satisfaction level is high then the workers can be more productive. According to the earlier studies on the one hand some economists believe that the worker’s wage can have an affect on men and women job satisfaction.  On the other hand, very few studies believe that worker’s job satisfaction level enhances their productivity.  Therefore, when a person is more productive means they are working good so the demand for them in that workplace will increase then their wages goes up.  Most of the studies shown that gender differential is very sensitive to worker’s wages.  And also we can say that in general woman have a higher job satisfaction level.  
I completely agree with the author.  Job satisfaction can have an effect on men and women’s job satisfaction. When a person likes his or her job then they can be more productive in their job. These workers are happier than others who don’t like their jobs. Therefore, they can have higher wages. Although women have a higher level of job satisfaction, their wages are lower than men.  

Review of "Effect of job satisfaction on wages and gender wages differential:  a simultaneous equations approach" by Madhu S.Mohanty in Wages and Employment, Chapter 3, 2013 Nova science publishers, Inc 

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